Nothing like feeling the power of the wind on the rudder and the wheel and sails billowing !

The Sailingdaffy Sailing Lesson is designed to teach the less experienced sailor or non sailor to become comfortable behind the wheel of a larger sailboat.  In this case, a 40' fixed keel, deep draft boat.  By exercising basic maneuvers off the beach with just the Main Sail up, we have turned the DAFFY into an 8' pram, just like the little boat I learned on.  Practicing different points of sail ( into the wind, off, the wind, reaching, down wind) as well as coming about, gybing , and stalling the boat (in irons), the new sailor will quickly comprehend what it means to sail a boat.

It is not my intention to overwhelm the student with nomenclature regarding every winch, stay, halyard, or sail on the boat, these terms will come up during the practicing, but learning to identify where the wind is coming from, how to drive the boat with little wind, or if we are lucky, more wind, enhancing the experience and putting "Sailing A Boat" into proper perspective.

The adventure should be FUN and not a chore or a frustrating exercise,  Sailing is relatively easy and once the basics are brought to the attention of the student, everything falls into place.

Weather and time permitting, we will put up the Genoa sail so the driver can feel the true power of the wind.

After you sign up for the Sailing Lesson, send me an email address, and  I'll send you a PDF 16 pages to look over just to give you a brief handbook of the Basics.  I like to allow minimum 5 hours; cost is $500 for up to 6 people.

Note, your "Practice Boat will be much larger, than the 8 foot pram sailboat that I learned on, but the basics are the same.  Thirty Nine Feet and 21000 lbs is a great displacement boat !

(Two photos) below left is  my sister Martha at Coconut Grove Sailing Club about 1960.  She got an 8' pram for Christmas and I thought it should be mine.  The rest is history. Lower pic on right is at Lauderdale Yacht club; kids learning the same sailing basics today.)feet, but the basics are the same

​​The  Sailing  Lesson

This is our "Training Ship"  DAFFY 39 feet .